Colorful "Jewel Box" in Bethany Beach

March 01, 2024 1 Comment

Colorful "Jewel Box" in Bethany Beach

The owners of this "jewel box" beach house are long time clients of Jamie Merida Interiors, and it's always a treat when we get to dive into a new project with them.

This design, led by our Denise Clarke Perkins, is featured on the cover of the spring 2024 issue of Home & Design Magazine!

The client requested all-white interiors with pops of bold, saturated color in this home, which is located in Bethany Beach, Delaware. We had fun making the most of the 1,500 square foot home and now there is a large open upstairs kitchen/living/eating area with outdoor spaces, three bedrooms and a gym downstairs, and three-and-a-half bathrooms.

Upper Level: Kitchen, Living Room, Back Porch


Lower Level: Bedrooms, Bathrooms

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Debi Baker
Debi Baker

April 08, 2024

Another stunning design. I just loved all the pops of color shown. Jamie and his outstanding designers always make a home or business a piece of art.

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